Posted by: richandmary2011 | December 5, 2011

December 5

It’s been awhile since I posted and lots of traveling’s been happening. While waiting for the wedding, I took a short trip to North Carolina. There was a hurricane happening, so I had to hang out in the mountains for a while. I met up with former co-worker Charlie Cline and his family. Waynesville, where he lives, is beautiful and so peaceful. I stayed in an RV park down the road from him. Met several other full-timers and shared info on ins and outs of traveling. Buster made new friends also.

After the storm passed, I traveled to see family near Beaulaville NC. I met the newest addition to the family, Kolton and had great time getting reaquainted with cousins, aunts and uncles.

Rick bought a johnboat hull to build up into a fishing boat. It’s to be his winter project.

Niece Jaid married Zach and the wedding was beautiful. The reception was a great party.  We also had a going away party for nephew Joey and his new wife, Liz. She was assigned to Camp Pendleton, CA as a navy corpsmen.

Afterward, I left KY and drove the RV to FL by way of Myrtle Beach, SC and Ormond Beach,FL. Buster and I spent 3 days at Myrtle Beach State Park which was fabulous. Buster wouldn’t even touch the sand on the beach, but we went on some long walks through the woods. Afterward, I drove to Ormond Beach and spent time with friend Trudie, then on to see sister Jody.  Checked into park in Brooksville, FL on Nov 1.

We are getting settled in to stay for a couple of months. I don’t plan to stay in on e place without a few side trips around FL. Right now we are in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MX. We stayed in our time share for a week and now are in a little hotel in town. The fishing here is great, even if you don’t catch much. Our total catch so far consists of Bonita, Dorado, Needle fish, shark and Marlin. Yesterday, we took another couple on a 28 foot boat and Klaus caught a 100 pound Marlin. He was so thrilled. Unfortunately, his wife Debbie was seasick from the get go and had to lie prone the whole time.  I had a Mako shark on the line that I fought for about 40 minutes before he bit through the line and got away (I HAVE WITNESSES).

We’ve been snorkeling, kayaking and touring north of here. Of course, we also eat and drink the local offerings.

Last night, Rick and I had a great dinner at a new restaurant in town. It consisted of lobster, filet mignon, shrimp, blue crab and mahi -mahi. For dessert, bananas foster. All for $50.00 usd.

Tomorrow, we are touring Todos Santos and Wednesday, we leave for home.



  1. Glad you are back on track with your writing. It was so good spending the day with you last month. Wanda is sure enjoying the shelf you put together. Has it full of towels. She is getting a rescue pug dog. He is black and is 2 yrs old. Pictures are real cute. Picks him up Thur. night.

    You two sound like you are having a great time. Guess you will be leaving for home soon. See you later, love Bobby

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