Posted by: richandmary2011 | May 8, 2012

Back on the road

Well, after hanging out in one park for six months, I am back to traveling. Belle Parc RV Resort in Brooksville, FL is beautiful and we met lots of great people, but I didn’t buy an RV to stay in one place.  Richard went back to Kentucky around the first of April, so Buster and I have become a pair. My plan is to travel to Maine to visit cousin Peggy during May, then pick up niece Cally and head for California.

To prevent any mechanical delays while on the road, I had a local RV service do a check up on the rig. They found a few things that needed fixing (burnt out lights, jack not working, etc), but nothing that would prevent me driving out the next day. With a full gas tank and everything stowed away, I hooked up the Element and plugged in the lights. Low and behold, the right turn signal on the tow kit didn’t work. When fellow camper Jeff pulled the plug from the RV, a prong fell off. I then had to unhook the Element, drive to the auto parts store, buy a new light kit plug and fix it before I left the park.

Obviously, I started out late and stopped for the night in Savannah GA instead of northern SC as planned.  Stayed at the KOA which had several lovely lakes with lots of geese and swans. I honestly was too tired to take pictures, but I had time to dislocate my big toe while walking Buster. I fixed it the next morning so now it’s just a little bruised.

I decided before I left, that instead of traveling on the interstate and not enjoying the scenery, I would drive secondary roads and take my time. Little did I know that South Carolina is completely under construction.  I even saw signs saying “Welcome to Construction Land”.  Not having a set timetable is the key to not wanting to kill people. “Be Flexible”

Anyway, day two was slow and enjoyable and I made it as far as Tabor City NC. There is a nice Jellystone Park there with lots of fishing ponds and stuff geared to families with kids.  Unfortunately,  my site didn’t have water and instead of driving all the way around the park and into another spot, I just connected three hoses and used the neighboring faucet. Luckily there wasn’t anyone on that site.  Buster continued his harassment of golf carts as they drove by.

Saturday found me at Aunt Deanna and Uncle Henry’s house in Pink Hill, NC. I love visiting these guys.  Deanna has been struggling with breast cancer for the last couple of years, but I think she’s beat it.  When I saw her six months ago, she was still doing chemo and was bald as a baby’s bottom.  Her treatments ended in February and she feels good and her hair is coming back nice and thick.

It stormed really hard with thunder and lightning for about three hours. Luckily, I gave Buster his anti-anxiety pill before it started, but he was still a little wacky.

Sunday afternoon we met my girl cousins, their spouses and kids at Logan’s Steakhouse for dinner. Had great time catching up. The kids are growing way to fast.  When we returned to the house, cousin Kevin and his kids came by as well as his sister and two nieces. We had fun just sitting around chatting and watching the kids shooting air rifles at targets.  We made a game of killing boring bumblebees with  badminton rackets. It was a challenge not to hit the people during a backhand swat.

During the RV service check, the mechanic noted that a jack needed to be replaced (leaks fluid and doesn’t always work).  Also, the motor to the slides whines while operating.  This didn’t affect my driving so I decided I would get it fixed later.  Well, later arrived at Deanna’s;  the jacks wouldn’t descend and the slides wouldn’t extend. Other than not being able to reach my undies drawer, it wasn’t a major problem while I was there. However, I didn’t want to deal with it all the way to Maine or California. I drove to an RV service center in Chocowinity NC. I figured it would take the better part of the day to fix and I’d have time to find a vet to give Buster his rabies shot.  Al, the mechanic, checked out the system.  He found a loose connection to the brake sensor which he fixed, but couldn’t find anything else.  Of course the stupid jacks worked for him. Took less than 30 minutes and after finding the nearest vet, we were back on the road.

Five hours later, we arrived in Topping VA and the jacks worked.  Good night



  1. Construction land is part of my project that I designed. You were in Mount Pleasant. Let me know when you come back these ways and we’ll catch up with each other.

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