Posted by: richandmary2011 | May 18, 2012

May 18,2012

Well, I finally made it to Camden ME on Wednesday. After driving 412 miles, I felt like I’d been driving around in circles. Somehow or other, my navigational skills failed me as well as my GPS. Things were going okay till it started to rain, then get dark and foggy. My headlights were of no use, I could hardly see 20 feet in front of me. The roads were narrow and winding and these bridges kept popping up scaring the bejeebers out of me and Buster. He was practically on my lap, which didn’t help anything.

When I finally found Rte 1 and thought I had it made, the fog got thicker.  I was afraid to pull off cause I couldn’t tell if the parking lots were large enough to turn around or had another exit.  There wasn’t much traffic, which was good I guess, and what there was followed very patiently.  Rte 90 is the cutoff to the RV park, but it was so dark, I couldn’t find the sign. I finally just pulled into a mini-mart/gas station and asked if I could spend the night. The lady was very gracious and allowed it.  I didn’t even put down the levels, just went to sleep.

At 6am, I was wide awake. The sun was up and the weather was beautiful. Apparently, I didn’t close the car door completely, so when I went to start it, the battery was dead.  A customer was kind enough to give a jump. I let the car run for a minute while I went to get coffee inside. When I came out, the car had stopped running. Instead of getting another jump, I just put it in neutral and left to find the park.

In the daylight, the Camden area is beautiful. I found the park sign and turned in. There was a turnoff that I thought led to the office. I was wrong (dentist office). When I started to pull back out, Buster jumped on me and caused me to put the left rear wheel of the coach into a ditch. The coach leaned so much, things that usually don’t move came flying off the counters onto the floor. I tried muscling my way out, but it wasn’t happening. I had to unhook the car which was difficult since there was a downward slope and the tension was too tight to pull off the hitch.  The car battery was still dead, so I couldn’t nudge it forward. After getting the attention of the lady looking out the window of the dentist’s office, she offered to give the car another jump. It worked and I unhitched the car, which I then moved to the real park office and left running.

It wasn’t hard to get the coach backed up and out of the ditch. I pulled in front of the office to wait for the office to open. It was 7am and no one showed up til 9:30. While I waited, I called cousin Peggy, who was already hard at work. We made plans to meet for lunch.  I have made a decision to never again stay at a park that hasn’t been open for the season for less than a full week. The computer wasn’t working, my name wasn’t on the reservation list, the office girl was new and not fully trained. We finally got our assigned space at 10am.

I spent about one and a half hours setting up and washing the car and rig. Both were filthy from the rain, fog and road grime. After taking a shower, I met Peggy for lunch. We went to nice restaurant on the water and watched the boats while we ate. They don’t know how to make tea up here– bummer.  I then went to Wal-Mart to renew prescriptions, returned to the park and took a nap.

I spoke to Rick on the phone, then drove to Peggy’s house in Hope. Andrew (husband) and dogs (Daisy, Lucy and Emma) were there. The dogs were not too happy with Buster invading their territory. He was quite intimidated being surrounded by barking, nipping females. After a while, they all settled down but when we left for dinner, Buster had to stay in my car.

It was nice talking to Peggy and Andrew. Haven’t seen them in quite a while, but we made plans for the weekend including grilling steaks, kayaking, eating lobster and sight-seeing.  I returned to the park before it got dark and was asleep by 10pm.





  1. Fun and more fun. Glad I didn’t know what was heppening. It would have scared me to death. Fromnow on, have a safe and no more risks on your part. I will keep you in my prayers. Love you Lots, Bobby

    • Sorry to scare you. I wasn’t real happy with it either

  2. Foggy weather is so common along the coast! And you’re right, they do NOT know how to make iced tea up here. How long are you planning on being up here??? Enjoy the lobster!

    • Be here til Wed. Coming to Acadia on Monday 5/21

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