Posted by: richandmary2011 | May 27, 2012

May 27, 2012

Well, I finally made it to Hardyville, KY last night. It was good to see familiar landmarks and hubby. It took almost 12 hours to drive 440 miles. Things were going fine, up and down and around hills, until I took the exit east of Lexington.  Who ever wrote the GPS directions for this part must have been drunk and never drove anything bigger than a sedan. I had to go through the downtown area at 5pm, then missed the cutoff to the Blue Grass Parkway. Somehow I got on route 68 west and couldn’t get off for two hours. Drove through a national park (I think) with two lane curving road and no destination signs, just farm road numbers.  Finally saw a Sam’s Club delivery truck and followed him to civilization.  Thankfully, it was still light out when I got here, so I could find the house.

After leaving Maine,  driving was easier on the interstates heading west. I spent the nights in Sturbridge, MA; Tremont, PA and near Morgantown, WV.  DO NOT TRY TO PULL AN RV INTO PRICKETTS CREEK CAMPGROUND, exit 139, US 79.  The road is barely one lane wide, with trees on both sides. There is nowhere to back up or turn around. It tried to eat my coach by taking off the awning cover on the back slide. The turn into the campground is a sharp left, downhill with dumpster on the corner. The office was closed, so it was self check-in. I unhitched the car and backed into a spot by the creek. I didn’t notice the awning till later, and when I went to retrieve the ladder, it was hanging over the ledge. I figured, morning would be okay time to fix it.

Next morning, I pulled rig to wide spot, retrieved ladder and tools and tried to replace cover. Wasn’t happening. Finally, since it was 9am, I found the hammer and commenced to beating the snot out of it until it submitted and fell off. There was a family sitting right behind me and not one person offered any help. I was not impressed.  I then hitched up the car and on the way out of the campground, bashed the right front bumper. Didn’t notice break and scratches until first gas station break. Fabulous!!

While I was driving on Friday, my sister Jody called to tell me she was in the hospital. Apparently, the day before she had an appendicitis attack and they performed surgery Friday am. She’s now home and doing well.  Sister Bec, who was in a car accident last weekend, left the hospital yesterday.  Found out cousin Stephanie passed her RN nursing boards. The Rays beat the Red Sox.  Excitement everywhere.

I am now leaving for a cookout at niece’s house.  Later



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