Posted by: richandmary2011 | June 14, 2012

June 14,2012

Niece Cally and I have arrived in San Diego, CA. We are staying with nephew Joey and his wife Liz. Based on my last report and because the coach needs some maintenance, I decided taking the train to California would be a neat experience and we could stop off to see Yellowstone National Park. If you have the time, I highly recommend train travel, especially if you can get a sleeper car. The price of meals is included in the price and you can enjoy the scenery much more than when driving.

Richard drove us from Louisville to Chicago to catch the Amtrak. Check-in was a breeze (much better than airports). Our train was about an hour late, but it was okay. We had a roomette so we could sleep when desired. The meals were delicious. Our first stop was Salt Lake City, Utah. We stayed a night in a hotel, where I noticed that I had left my good camera on the train.   The next morning we picked up a rental Class C RV.  It was perfect for us, easy to drive and manuever.  I had brought linens and kitchen stuff and after a stop at the grocery store, we were on our way.  We drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and spent the night in a park. The next day we went white water rafting down the Snake River. The water was high so it made for a great trip. It was Cally’s first such adventure and other than whining about how early it was, she really enjoyed it. She even jumped in the river and became a member of the “Snake River Swim Team”.  The wind was very chilly in the canyon and even with wet suits, we were all cold.   Since we had already checked out of the park ,when we returned, we changed clothes in the rig, Cally curled up under blankets on the bed and went to sleep while I drove to Yellowstone.

Our first night was spent at Fishing Bridge RV park. There were full hookups but no cable, wi-fi or phone service. There is no fishing allowed at Fishing Bridge any longer since it is the area where cutthroat trout spawn. I saw some beautiful bull elk on the river.  I really wished I had my telephoto lens. Cally was going crazy without her phone working – no texting ability was a crisis. We did a little laundry and used the pay phones to make calls. Another first for Cally.

Our next stop was Canyon RV park up the road about 16 miles. We passed the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. I checked out the waterfalls  and such, but it was so cold. I took some videos with Cally’s camera.  We found out later that a new ranger died that day when she fell off a cliff. She was just 18 years old and it was her first day on the job.

We went on a wildlife tour in the evening. We saw the funniest encounter between an elk and some bears. We stopped on the side of the road to see what everyone was looking at (the first sign that something is about-cars pulled off the road).  On the side of the hill, there was an elk and a black bear standing  close together pretty much ignoring each other. Then a baby bear came running down the hill. The elk took notice and turned around.  She chased the cub up a tree. Momma bear distracted the elk and the cub came down. The elk returned and  cub went back up. They carried on like this for a while until the elk chased both bears up the hill. At first no one noticed there was a baby elk behind the trees. He followed everyone else up the hill, then the bears chased the elk down. They all returned up the hill and we lost sight of them.

We also saw lots of bison with babies,  a wolf, a fox, prong horn deer, osprey , eagle, cliff dwelling swallows, an owl nest with owlettes and ravens. Some people saw a Grizzly bear. It was a good tour.  It started to snow on the way back to the visitor center and continued throughout the next day.

Our last stop was Old Faithful. Cally met up with her friend Elizabeth. I cleaned up the RV and packed up the kitchen and bed stuff since I had to return it the next day.  We left Yellowstone about noon and I drove 460 miles back to Salt Lake City.

After shipping a suitcase with RV stuff home, I returned the RV and rode a bus and train back into the city. That night, after waiting an extra 3 hours for the late train (suspected of running over some one east of Denver), we were on our way to Sacramento. We spent the night in Sacramento and spent the next 20 hours riding south where we are now.



  1. You sure know how to travel on the dark side. I was going to take a train up to Jacksonville, but Kathy is going to take me up. Doesn’t want me to go myself. Going to spend a week in Raleigh, NC, with my sister and going to my nephew’s wedding in Virginia. My nephew Bruce in Jacksonville is going to take me to my sisters on their way to Virginia, It’s his son who is getting married. Still can’t beleive I’m going to do it. Need you for some excitment!! My little week sounds very tame compared to yours. Be safe, Love and miss you. Bobby

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