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August 24

After spending two weeks in Kentucky, Rick headed for home to pick up his truck and I headed east in the RV.  First stop was Lexington, KY where Rick caught the plane.  Looking for the RV park was somewhat trying, okay, very trying.  Took over an hour to get on the right track after arriving in the city.  Driving down very narrow lanes with trees, signs and curbs caused a few dings and scratches and one bruised hubcap.  The scenery with the horse farms, hills. The place has  and horses was beautiful.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to appreciate it much since I really had to watch the road and oncoming traffic. I think I’ll return  the same way so I can get some pictures.

Anyway, after leaving Lexington, I drove to Sevierville TN (home to Dolly Parton).  I spent the day in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.  The place has grown up so much in the last 20 years,  I hardly recognized it.  I can’t say I like the changes  much.  Plus, Dollywood was closed for the day.

Today, I drove to Waynesville, NC to see my old bud Charlie Cline, his wife Susan, his son Sean and his mom.  I also met his granddaughter, Ayanna.   His home is beautiful  and the view from the top of the knoll is breathtaking.  I met his mom for the first time.  We used to talk a lot when Cline worked for me at the jail.  The whole family seems to be doing well.

I was heading for eastern North Carolina to see family, but I will have to wait until hurricane Irene leaves the area. Not sure if I’ll stay here or go back to the other side of the mountain.  Let’s hope there’s not much damage.

Did anyone feel the earthquake on the east coast?


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August 12

We have arrived in Hardyville, Kentucky and are staying at our house here. We stopped in Louisville for a night so we could visit sister Bec and niece Cally.  All the other kids have moved out and hubby Mike was at work.  On the way down here, we stopped in Elizabethtown and had short visit with niece Jaid.  Richard bought his own laptop, so now we won’t have to reserve time on mine.  Last night I washed my car and the front of the RV. It’s amazing how many bugs and such commit suicide on hoods and windows.  Today, I finally got my hair cut again. I was starting to look like Rod Stewart on a bad hair day.

I will only be here 10 to 14 days.  Rick is tired of traveling, so after he picks up his truck, he will stay here at least till October. I’ll be back before the end of September, but I want to visit Gatlinburg and east Carolina. Hoping my friend Rita will join me for a short while.

Tonight, I finally cooked,  pan-fried trout (caught in Colorado) and fresh corn on the cob.  Delicious, if I do say so myself.  Since our house is so far from town, and there aren’t but two restaurants there, we’ll be cooking here more often. Wish me luck. That’s all for now.

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August 9

We stayed in Colorado for about a week, first in Fruita, then Idaho Springs. The mountains were beautiful and the weather was the coolest since we left Texas.  We drove up Mt. Evans which is the highest paved road (14,150 feet)  in the world.  I made Rick drive so I could close my eyes when we were too close to the edge. There were several lakes which were so clear and cold. The only animals that we saw were a couple of ravens and a herd of elk. They were too far away to get pictures.

Unbelievably, east of Denver there are no mountains. It was so flat, we thought we were already in Kansas. Not much to see except farmland and crops.  We arrived in East Saint Louis, Illinois yesterday. Today we explored the St. Louis Zoo. After driving around for two hours trying to find it, we finally located it. It is a great zoo.

Tomorrow, we are going to a Cardinal’s baseball game. The stadium is right downtown near the Arch. Hopefully, parking won’t cost too much.  We should arrive in Kentucky this weekend where we’ll hang for a couple of weeks. 

Pictures to come.

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July 28

We left Las Vegas on Wednesday. We had a really good visit with grandson Kaden.  If you are ever in need of a magpie, I would definitely recommend him. He got to see more variety and magic shows than most 10 year olds. His favorite was Popovich’s Pet Comedy show.  I think he got used to eating out every meal so Mom may have a problem getting him to eat home cooking.

We started heading east off  I-15 to I-70 thru Utah into Colorado. I never thought about geology much, but Utah is mostly mountains. Our speed went from 30 mph uphill to 75 mph downhill.  If the land had been flat, we’d be in Kansas already.  Now we are sitting in Fruita, CO. watching cable TV.  Exciting stuff  – ha!  Not sure how long we’ll be here, shouldn’t be more than a couple of days.

Will post pictures from NV soon.



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July 19

Yesterday, Rick, Kaden and I drove up to Mount Charleston. After having lunch at the lodge, we hiked to Little Falls. The walk up was very steep and my hips were killing me.  It took a little while but it was worth it. Kaden took lots of pictures of the falls.  He did a very good job. It’s unbelievable that there was grafitti on the wall of the mountain. The water was very cold but refreshing.

Last night, we attended a variety show at Planet Hollywood. It was very good with a juggler, Russian gymnasts/balancers, flying acrobats, the Gauchos, and the TV Man (does take-offs of TV shows).  It was very entertaining.

This morning we ate breakfast at Sam’s Town buffet, cleaned house, did laundry and hung around the park until time to go to another show at Planet Hollywood. This is a animal act. Should be good.

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July 18

We have been in Las Vegas for several weeks now. Done some gambling, won $160. in Bingo, but that just covers other losses.  We’ve seen a couple of shows and have tickets for other shows.  It is so hot here that being outside is very uncomfortable.

Buster and I went for a ride to Lake Mead Recreational Area. Saw some coyote roaming a parking lot. The lake has rock instead of sand bottom. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Went up to the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston. Beautiful area. Lots of sightseerers.

Grandson Kaden (10 years old) has joined us for a couple of weeks. We went bowling the other day at Sam’s Town Casino and had a good time. Kaden paid our way and has been reminding us every day that he spent $17.00. We went to a magic show and he was called to participate. He did a good job. Saturday we went to AdventureDome at Circus Circus. It’s an inside theme park. It started out really good, but the crowd got really big within a couple of hours. We were worn out by the afternoon.

 Yesterday was Richard’s birthday and we went to Hoover Dam and Ethel M’s Chocolate factory.  He got his free meal at Denny’s and free desserts for all.  Kaden wasn’t much interested in the Dam’s history and the price of tours is high, so we didn’t take the tour.

Today, we’re going back to Mount Charleston and do some hiking. At least it’s cooler up there than the 102 degrees here.

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June 29

The last week or so in St. George has been pretty lazy.  The temperature is over 100 degrees everyday, with no humidity.  Tomorrow we leave for  Las Vegas to enjoy more heat.  Last Tuesday, we attended the play “Grease”  at Tuacahn amphitheatre.  It was really good. 

A new movie “17 Miracles” is really good. This being a major Mormon district and the movie being about the Mormon handcart expedition packed the folks into the theatre.  At least two shows sold out on Friday.

 On Saturday, I checked out the weekly market in the same location. Bought a few things as gifts.

Sunday, we rode up to Cedar Breaks National Monument.  Beautiful area, over 10,000 feet up. There was still snow on the ground. Then  went down to Panguitch Lake.  It has everything I’m looking for in a permanent location-lake, mountains, trees, fishing pier, boat ramp. Unfortunately, the cold winter screws it up.

Yesterday, we went to a nature park that Rick read about.  Apparently, the advertisements are ahead of schedule.  There was a nice garden showing desert landscaping, parking lots, a building where kids have classes and a duck pond.  Everything else is still under construction. Then we went to a Pioneer Museum, then to the movie “Thor”. 


Today was laundry and RV checkup day.  More from Las Vegas soon.

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June 20

Forgot to mention  the trip across the mountains from Las Vegas to St. George was terrifying. Very  steep hills with crosswind.  Driving the RV was difficult enough, but having Buster leaning on my arm didn’t help. Very happy to finish the trip. St. George is beautiful, very clean and uncrowded. Lots of  Mormon churches, with large tabernacle. Visited the winter home of Brigham Young.

On Friday, we visited the Snow Canyon State Park.  The temperature was high, so we didn’t walk long. Buster was happy to ride along and take a little walk. The Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts is in the area. We have tickets to attend Grease on Tuesday.

Yesterday, we went to Zion National Park. Beautiful. Rick and I hiked along the river from the Temple of Sinawava to Angels Landing. The weather was perfect and the path was comfortable. One of the rangers told us the water temperature was about 42 degrees.  It moved very quickly.  We plan on going back to ride horses on the trail. We saw a deer on the trail and he didn’t seem to mind having us there. We saw raccoon tracks in the mud. Enjoy the pictures.

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June 16

Well, we have completed a very relaxing 2 weeks in Wikieup, Arizona. You have to drive at least 50 miles to find anything exciting to do, but the friends we met kept us company.  We did drive up to Grand Canyon Caverns. 210 feet below the surface is a series of dry caves that reach to the Grand Canyon. Of course, it takes about two weeks to get there.  If you ever wanted to spend the night in a cave, they have a room to rent for $700.00/night. It contains everything you  need, from a big screen TV, microwave, books, bathroom, and lights. Meals can be delivered to you. Make sure you have plenty of water if you try to stay down there long. Otherwise, you will dehydrate in about 3 days and die. There is also a supply of emergency supplies for 2000 people, in case of nuclear attack. Of course, there aren’t 2000 people living within 100 miles of the place.

On Monday, we drove to Wickenburg, AZ. No one tells you that it’s closed on Mondays.

On Wednesday, we drove to Las Vegas for the night. Went across the new mountain bridge. The view is spectacular. Stayed at Sam’s Town RV park, next to the casino. Shopped at Wal-Mart (across the street) for some essentials. Had steak dinner for $5.99. Went to Fremont Street to check out the entertainment. The light show is terrific, the bands are good and they’ve added zip lines from one end to the other. Of course, there are still freaks of every sort around.

Today, we drove to St George, Utah. Beautiful city, very clean. We will be here at least a week. Unfortunately, the wind is back. Planning on visiting Zion National Park and several other landmarks. More later.

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June 9

We finally arrived in Wikieup, Arizona on June 1.  Not necessarily known as a tourist attraction, it is located between I-40 and Phoenix.  We are staying on the ranch owned by Larry and Joann Van Bynen, sister Jody’s former Mother-in-law’s brother.  It’s a pretty big place with facilities for the RV. They are great hosts with interesting stories. We have been playing Rummykube almost every night. Lots of fun.  Buster loves having lots of land to play on without worrying about the leash or stickers.  Of course, being in the desert, we look out for snakes, scorpions and other hostile wildlife. So far, only the ravens have caused any havoc.

So far, we have visited Route 66 in Kingman where we checked out the Powerhouse Museum/Visitors Center and had lunch at “Mr. D’z.” Yesterday, we drove to Valentine to see the wildlife refuge “Keeper of the Wild.”  Nice setup if you don’t mind driving 80 miles. Stopped at “Hackberry General Store”, another Rte 66  memorabilia store.

There are only 3 restaurants in town, but they are all good. ” Joe’s” has great barbecue, “Luchia” has Mexican and fabulous pies and the Trading Post serves all meals and has the cheapest gasoline.  “Luchia” also has an oasis in the back with a Koi pond, peacocks and lots of flowers. Very refreshing for this part of the country.

One night, Larry, Joanne and I visited some of their friends who were hosting a practice session for a Bluegrass band. The singing wasn’t the greatest, but the music was. The hostess, Leigh, made homemade pizza. There was also salad, fruit, dessert, homemade jalapeno poppers, wine, tea and bear. Very nice evening.

Phone service here is touch and go. I called to make reservations for our Mexican time share and got cutoff 3 times. Finally got everything set.  Luckily the new air card works beautifully.

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